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Engine Re-Power

Extend the life of your boat with an engine repower. Boats are designed to take a beating. A boat’s engine is not. A well-designed hull can last for decades, well past when most engines begin to fade out. If you love your boat but the engine’s a past it's prime, Re-Powering is an affordable option. 

Mercury re power.jpg

Add Maximum Power To Your Boat!

Re-powering is about getting a new and better power source behind your boat. You can choose to rebuild your existing engine, or get a new one. Either way this cost-efficient option is a great alternative to buying a new boat or continuing expensive maintenance on an aging engine. Best of all, you get a more powerful and/or fuel efficient engine.


Do You Have Questions About Re-Powering Your Boat?

Bob, George and our trained staff are ready to help you with all your Re-Powering options. We can promise you the result will be a better boating experience, and our focus is helping you make the right decision.

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