(Tips from the professionals)



  1. Run motor winterization formula to protect internal engine condition and carburetor condition

  2. Remove prop, clean prop shaft and lubricate.  Replace Prop.

  3. Drain & refill gear case using specified factory recommended gear case lube. Pressure test lower unit.

  4. Grease motor thoroughly.

  5. Visual check of motor - electrical wiring and connections, bolts and screws, general condition.

  6. Clean motor.

  7. Store motor on boat or place on stand.

  8. Lubricate steering connections, both on boat and motor.

  9. Spray CRC on power head to protect engine and wiring from corrosion throughout the winter.

  10. Install new spark plugs in spring.

We Recommend all Mercury Outboard Motors with Power Tilt & Trim to be stored on the boat.


  1. Remove battery and check conditon.

  2. Charge if required.

  3. Clean battery and terminals.

  4. Store in a cool, dry place and not in direct sunlight.

  5. Check water level and change periodically throughout storage time.

  6. Place battery on boat to protect case from damage.


  1. Recommended winterization fluid.

  2. Drain all water from manifolds and install antifreeze to lubricate and protect cooling system.

  3. Check oil and all other fluids.

  4. Visually check all connections, electrical wiring, bolts and general condition.

  5. Remove Outdrive.  Install protective cover (MERCURY).

  6. Lubricate outdrive completely.

  7. Change oil in lower gear case.

  8. Remove prop, lubricate and clean prop shaft, replace prop.

  9. Spray CRC over motor to protect from corrosion.

  10. Store Outdrive.

  11. Install fuel conditioner and additives to protect fuel.


  1. Boat is handled professionally.

  2. Your boat is handled safely with the very latest in modern boat-handling equipment.

  3. Storage is either on your trailer or securely and safely placed on blocks.

  4. We are open all year-round to insure protection and security for your boat and motor.

  5. We will clean the bottom of your boat with the latest cleaning equipment upon your request.

  6. Storage Prices include removal and return to water in spring.

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